Genomics Portfolio

PacBio RS
The World’s first 3rd Gen. Single Molecule,Real Time (SMRT) DNA Sequencer
The GeneChip® System
The Affymetrix GeneChip® Microarray System provides a systems biology perspective for both expression profiling and DNA analysis.

The GeneTitan™ System is the first microarray processing system that does the hands-on work
for you
GeneAtlas™ Microarray
The GeneAtlas™ System is a complete microarray solution for measuring whole-genome expression.
TOptical Real Time PCR
• Excitation by different colored long-lasting LEDs
• Upto 6 color modules for the detection of commonly used dyes
T Professional TRIO Thermocycler
The T Professional TRIO Thermocycler offers three independent blocks in one housing thus different independent protocols can be run at the same time. used dyes
TProfessional Thermocycler
The TProfessional Thermocycler is equipped with a quick block exchange system.
UVsolo TS
UVsolo TS is an extra compact system for gel documentation without the need for a personal computer. The system is designed to acquire gel images very easily.

DGGE (Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis)
C.B.S. Scientific has developed 3 different instruments that can be used to scan mutations by DGGE, CDGE, TTGE, SSCP and other techniques.product and vectors.
Micro-volume spectrophotometers
The Quawell Q3000 and Q5000 are micro-volume UV and UV-Visible spectrophotometers .  
Complete Solution for Nucleic Acid Analysis and Quantitation.  
The PowerLyzer™ 24 Bench Top Bead-Based Homogenizer is a bead beating instrument uniquely designed for the most efficient and complete analysis and homogenization of any biological sample.


Automated nucleic acid fractionation Gold standard product for purification of amplified or digested PCR product and vectors.


Sample preparation liquid handler Zephyr is the newest addition to Caliper’s liquid handling family.