LabChip GX
Quick and accurate analysis of RNA and DNA samples
  • Automated highthrouput electrophoresis
  • Proven alternative to slab gel
  • Automated sampling from 96 & 384 well PCR plates, no sample prep or transfer needed
  • Faster time to result- Quantitative sizing and concentration data are automatically reported as each sample is analyzed.
  • Direct Generation of Digital Data – Eliminates the need for photo-documentation.
  • More Precise, accurate& Reproducible data than Gels with Resolution down to 5bp and Sensitivity 0.1ng/µl

The LabChip GX is the most accurate and advanced nucleic acid separations system available. Like its predecessor the LabChip90, the GX suite of instruments utilizes Caliper’s innovative microfluidics technology to perform reproducible, high-resolution, eletrophoretic separations. Whether analyzing RNA integrity for better gene expression data or assessing PCR fragments for resequencing applications, the LabChip GX instrument accelerates your research and helps you generate more meaningful data, faster.

When speed, accuracy and ease-of-use are paramount, the LabChip GX is the perfect solution. With sample acquisition time less than a minute the instrument can thoroughly analyze 96 samples in less than an hour, virtually eliminating throughput bottlenecks and improving efficiency. In addition to the instrument, the complete system also includes the LabChip GX software for data analysis. This advanced data management suite allows users to visualize results via an electropherogram or virtual gel view. Additionally it provides data in tabular form, which can then be analyzed or easily exported into a spreadsheet format.

Caliper RQS for RNA Analysis

RNA metrics such as peak heights, peak areas, and concentration are used to determine an RQS (RNA Quality Score) number for each sample. The Caliper RQS is a calculated score that rates the quality of RNA samples. The RQS has been validated to correlate well with Agilent’s RIN (RNA Integrity Number) and follows the same 0-10 scale rating. Results comparing RIN to RQS for the same samples run on both LabChip GX and Agilent’s Bioanalyzer 2100 typically show <10% deviation. For more detailed information about the Caliper RQS, please refer to ‘RNA Quality Score (RQS) Calculation and Correlation to RIN’, LabChip GX Application Note 402 available through the Reference Section.

Supporting Regulatory Compliance

Caliper LabChip GX/GXII instruments with LabChip GxP Software are computerized systems designed to automate the analysis of DNA, RNA or proteins using Caliper Sipper Chip technologies. The systems allow the users to create, modify, and maintain the records in electronic form and allow the users to perform electronic signatures on the records generated from the system. It takes a combination of administrative controls, procedural controls, and technical controls for the users of a computerized system to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. The LabChip GxP Software contains built-in technical controls and features specifically designed to support the users for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. These technical controls and features include user account management and access controls, device check, enforcing permitted sequencing of steps, audit trails, record copying, record retention, system documentation, and electronic signature controls.

  • Quantitative sizing and concentration
  • 96 and 384 well compatible
  • 30 to 60 second sample processing
  • Hit picking capable
  • Automation compatible
  • Integrated bar code reader for sample tracking
    DNA Analysis
  • DNA fragment quantitation and detection
  • PCR
  • RT-PCR
  • Sequencing
  • Genotyping
    RNA Analysis
  • RNA quality assessment and quantitation
  • Microarrays
  • qRT-PCR
  • Biobanking
  • Sequencing