Gel Documentation Units
A Choice of Systems for Different Needs
The whole range of Biometra gel imaging systems is suited for the documentation of agarose andn polyacrylamide gels with fluorescent and visible coloured stains. The most typcial stains for these applications are Ethidium bromide, SYBR® Green, SYBR® Gold, SYBR® Safe, GelStar®, SYPRO® Orange, SYPRO® Ruby, OrioleTM, SYPRO® Red, WesternDotTM 625 with Qdot®-nano crystals, and silver and Coomassie Blue. For all of these stains the adequate bandpass filters and transilluminators are available. Visible stains on membranes and also radiographs can be documented, additionally.

UVsolo TS
The image acquisition of non-fl uorescent gels, e. g. silver or Coomassie Blue stained polyacrylamide gels can be done with the optional available converter plate. This plate is directly placed on top of the UV transilluminator. The plate converts the UV light to visible light, similar to the light of a white light table.
BioDocAnalyze Systems
BioDocAnalyze (BDA) imaging systems are computer based systems and are designed to provide high functionality with easy-to-use operating interfaces. The quality systems are available as complete “plug-and-play” systems, but can also be ordered as core set plus additional hardware components assorted to individual needs.

BioDocAnalyze with Digital Colour Camera
  • High-class digital camera with at least 10 megapixels.
  • High-resolution images in colour or in grey scales.
  • Real-time image preview for exact gel positioning prior to UV exposure.
  • Small darkhood available for high-quality gel documentation with cost-effective and space-saving “compact“-set.
BioDocAnalyze with Monochrome CCD Camera
BDA live
BioDocAnalyze with Digital Monochrome CCD Camera