TProfessional Family of Thermocyclers

Biometra‘s have rich 20-year experience in Thermocycler design and production The Biometra TProfessional Thermocycler Family is inspired by the idea to simplify molecular biology research. The instruments combine high end technology with functional and elegant design wide range of easy to use instruments with excellent technical specifications and highest ease

  • High precision instruments
  • High Performance Smart Lid (HPSL)
  • Low noise and heat emission
  • Flexibility
  • Exchangeable block modules
  • Up gradeable to Real-Time PCR
  • Optimised for integration in robotic systems
  • Easy Spreadsheet Programming (ESP)

By the TOptical module the TProfessional can be upgraded to a Real-Time PCR thermocycler. The block exchange is as easy as with standard PCR block modules and can be carried out within a few seconds. The TOptical module is optionally available with or without a gradient function

TProfessional Basic for routine applications
  • Gold anodised sample block in 96 well format
  • Available with or without gradient function
  • Excellent temperature uniformity and high ramp rate
  • 350 typical programs in up to 30 user directories (optionally password protected)
  • Graphical LC display

TProfessional Standard with high speed silver block for advanced demands
  • High Speed Silver Block
  • Five different block modules (60, 96, 384, gradient 60 and gradient 96 format)
  • Excellent temperature uniformity and high ramp rate
  • Graphical LC display
  • Automatic restart after power failure
  • Quick block exchange

TProfessional with high speed silver block and block exchange system with maximum flexibility

TProfessional - TRIO Thermocycler

TPersonal Thermocycler
The Personal Cycler with the Maximum Power TRobot Thermocycler
The Perfect Solution for Integration in Robotic Systems