GeneAtlas™ Microarray System
A personal microarray system

The GeneAtlas™ System is a complete microarray solution for measuring whole-genome expression. With a simple workflow and software designed for biologists, the GeneAtlas System puts the power of microarrays into the hands of the individual researcher.

Now you can take control of your samples, complete your experiment more quickly than ever, and apply the power of Affymetrix microarrays to your research, in your lab, at a price you can afford. The GeneAtlas System utilizes an entirely new array format—the array strip, with four arrays per strip. The array strip design and the GeneAtlas System combine to provide distinct advantages:

  • Simplified hybridization – no need to create a hybridization chamber assembly
  • Robustness that protects precious samples, unlike fragile slide-based designs
  • Limited hands-on time
  • Simple array processing with common microwell-based labware
With the easy-to-use GeneAtlas System, you can move seamlessly through array processing to your destination: understanding your data. Affymetrix has partnered with Partek and Ariadne to develop workflow-driven statistical and pathway analysis software packages with the biologist in mind, so you get biologically relevant results, not just data.

The GeneAtlas System includes:
  • Hybridization station
  • Fluidics station
  • Imaging station
  • Computer workstation with monitor
  • GeneAtlas instrument control software
  • External barcode reader
  • GeneAtlas installation kit
The GeneAtlas System enables you to:
  • Take control of your precious samples
  • Reduce the cost of your experiment
  • Decrease time to results and publication

The simplest microarray workflow

The GeneAtlas System offers the simplest microarray workflow available, so you can move seamlessly from processing arrays to getting answers.

1. Target Preparation
Processing microarrays on the GeneAtlas System begins with convenient-to-use target preparation assays from Affymetrix, including the 3’ IVT Express Labeling Assay.

The 3’ IVT Express Labeling Assay offers:
  • A streamlined and simplified workflow for reduced hands-on time
  • Lower required starting material—as low as 50 ng total RNA input
  • Higher signal-to-noise ratio for detecting more rare transcripts
  • Magnetic bead-based purification for enhanced recovery
2. Hybridization:
Once your target is prepared, hybridize your sample to the array by simply pipetting your samples into each well of the hybridization tray and aligning the array strip. Then, incubate the assembly overnight in the GeneAtlas hybridization station. The hybridization station provides incubation for array strips to support low- and medium-throughput studies. The hybridization station delivers a temperature uniformity of ±1°C from the set point, which ensures optimal performance.
The robust hybridization assembly design offers a number of advantages:
  • Eliminates the need for error-prone gaskets and user-created hybridization chambers
  • Avoids fragile slide-based design
  • Requires less than five minutes of total hands-on time
3. Wash and Stain:
Our innovative and automated fluidics station performs the array washing and staining steps for you. Just align the consumables on the quick reference card and pipette reagents using the easy-to-follow color codes and instructions.
Wash and stain features include:
  • Simple reagent filling
  • Intuitive software interface
  • Robotic arm for automated wash and stain processing
4. Imaging:
After washing and staining, the fluidics station places the array strip into an imaging tray. Simply move the strip assembly from the fluidics station deck into the imaging station’s drawer to start the imaging process.
The imaging station:
  • Operates automatically via software
  • Limits user intervention to a single step
  • Processes four samples in as little as 30 minutes
5. Data Analysis:
The GeneAtlas System makes it easy to turn raw data into biologically relevant results.