The GeneChip® System
An Integrated Solution for Expression and DNA Analysis

The Affymetrix GeneChip® Microarray System provides a systems biology perspective for both expression profiling and DNA analysis. This integrated system gives you the flexibility to view the genome at a global level or focus on a specific subset of genes.

The GeneChip Advantage:
  • Power of the Probe Set: The key to the GeneChip advantage is that each high-density array provides multiple, independent measurements for each transcript and genotype call. Multiple probes mean that you get a complete data set with accurate, reliable, reproducible results from every experiment.
  • Multiple Applications for a Genomic Perspective: By integrating gene expression and DNA analysis on a single platform, the GeneChip System provides a total solution to elucidate complex mechanisms and networks underlying biological processes and diseases.
  • Parallel Manufacturing for Results: You Can Trust Photolithographic manufacturing, paired with strict process controls, results in flexible array formats with unsurpassed quality, reproducibility, and consistency.
  • Open Access to a View of Systems Biology: All GeneChip microarray content is designed from genomic information in the public domain. The research community has the opportunity to openly collaborate and share data obtained on a single, standardized platform.
  • A large selection of catalog arrays: It enables you to study diverse organisms from Arabidopsis to Zebrafish.
  • Custom options: CustomExpress arrays allow customers to study expression for any number of genes in any model organism.

• Copy Number Analysis
• Drug Metabolism Analysis
• Genome-Wide Genotyping
• Molecular Cytogenetics
• Resequencing Analysis
• Targeted Genotyping Analysis
• 3' IVT Expression Analysis
• Gene Regulation Analysis
• miRNA Analysis
• Whole-Transcript Expression Analysis

Affymetrix GeneChip® Scanner 3000

The GeneChip® Scanner 3000 7G combines advanced design improvements with high resolution scanning and automation to dramatically improve efficiency in genetic analysis for gene expression and DNA analysis applications, including the ParAllele MIP technology highly multiplexed assay for custom genotyping.

When the GeneChip Scanner 3000 7G is used in conjunction with the new AutoLoader, it provides complete walk-away freedom for scanning your arrays. As with all GeneChip Scanner 3000 instruments, the GeneChip Scanner 3000 7G fits easily into a benchtop environment. Because it uses a solid-state laser, there is no need for an external laser power supply or a special cooling system under the bench.

The superior performance and enhanced capabilities of the GeneChip Scanner 3000 7G offer more accurate gridding and more consistent scanner-to-scanner performance, improving data integrity and data sharing between researchers.

The benefits of the GeneChip Scanner 3000 7G:
  • Designed for future system evolution.
  • Compact size for better space utilization.
  • Higher resolution scanning at pixelations from 2.5 μm down to 0.51 μm, automatically determined by array type.
  • Sensitivity of less than 0.5 chromophore equivalents/μm2 (CPSM) at a signal-to-noise ratio of 2:1 at wavelengths appropriate to R-Phycoerythrin
  • Optimal image uniformity and collection efficiency across entire scan area with patented Flying Objective™ technology.
  • Auto-Set laser power eliminates effects due to laser drift and reduces scannerto- scanner variability.
  • Dynamic Range of 16 Bit.
  • Automatic arc correction—scanner firmware dynamically checks and adjusts for changes in residual arc correction and x-linearity.
  • QC Toolbox Software Kit—now incorporated as a standard feature, QC Toolbox provides a tool to verify scanner performance for internal QA requirements as well as the ability to recalibrate the scanner if needed.
  • AutoLoader-compatible for walk-away automation.
Affymetrix GeneChip® Hybridization Oven 645

The GeneChip® Hybridization Oven 645 automates the hybridization process for GeneChip®-brand probe arrays. The oven provides precise temperature and rotation control to ensure successful hybridization. Up to 64 arrays can be processed at one time.

The benefits of GeneChip Hybridization Oven 645:

  • Rotation Speed: 10 to 80 RPM, programmable to 1 RPM
  • Oven Set Point Range: 30.0ºC to 70.0ºC, programmable to 0.1ºC
  • Time to Temperature: 30 minutes from ambient to 60ºC
  • Oven Temperature Accuracy: +/-2ºC from 35º to 60ºC

Affymetrix® GeneChip® Fluidics Station 450

The Fluidics Station 450 is the new generation of fluidics stations for processing GeneChip® arrays. The Fluidics Station 450 incorporates advanced design improvements that provide improved ease-of-use and true walk away freedom to dramatically improve efficiency in your genetic analysis.

The Fluidics Station 450 retains many important operational aspects with which current GeneChip array users are familiar and comfortable. These include the use of fluidic scripts, handling of buffer solutions, and interfacing and operation under the Affymetrix® Microarray Suite software. New features simplify the handling of staining and antibody reagents to reduce direct hands-on activities and interruptions to the user.