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Less time acquiring data, more time for science.

The GeneTitan™ System is the first microarray processing system that does the hands-on work for you. With an efficient and flexible combination of automated instruments, arrays, reagents, and software, you’ll spend less time acquiring data and have more time for science.

The GeneTitan System includes:
  • Array plates
  • 3’ IVT Express Assay
  • Array station
  • Integrated microarray processing instrument
  • Command Console® and Expression Console™ Software

The GeneTitan System is automated from prepared target to data generation, which means higher data reproducibility, more confidence in your results, and up to 10 times the productivity of other platforms. Whether you’re performing basic applied research, or RNA or DNA applications, the GeneTitan System provides automatic answers for every step of the microarray workflow regardless of throughput.

For gene expression workflows,
the GeneTitan System will enable you to:
  • Create flexible experimental designs
  • Streamline and automate target preparation and array processing
  • Rapidly assess data quality and manage it efficiently
  • Identify and validate gene expression profiles
  • Discover biologically relevant pathways