LabChip® XT
Automated nucleic acid fractionation Gold standard product for purification of amplified or digested PCR product and vectors.
  • Reduce wasted “non-align” reads with tight size selection
  • Increase average read length by excluding shorter fragments
  • Faster sample processing maximizes use of sequencer
  • Reduce waste and exposure to harmful reagents
  • Fast, reproducible, high resolution size selection

Nucleic Acid Fractionation

The LabChip XT fractionation system performs fast, automated nucleic acid fractionation accurately and reproducibly. The resulting sample is tightly sized and is delivered in a sequencing compatible buffer. The XT improves laboratory efficiency and provides sizing that is difficult to obtain using manual methods. Data is displayed digitally and non-fractionated sample can be recollected and used at another time.

Next Generation Sequencing (Next-Gen Sequencing)

Current Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) workflows have numerous manual processes that bottleneck throughput and contribute to process inefficiency. One of the most time consuming tasks is gel-based size-selection during the library generation process. In addition to being labor intensive and not scalable, manual methods introduce run-to-run and operator-to-operator variability. Furthermore, the imprecision of this manual excision results in the size selection precision (width of the selected band) being typically no better than ± 10% of the median fragment size (e.g. 400 bp ± 40 bp).

  • Fast, reproducible, high resolution size selection
  • < 30 minute processing
  • Up to 4 samples processed simultaneously per chip
  • Quantitative, digital data
  • Sample tracking via barcode
  • Completely independent channels minimizes potential for cross contamination
  • No post purification, with collection in PCR compatible buffer
  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • DNA electrophoresis
  • RNA electrophoresis
  • PCR Sequencing
  • NextGen Sequencing
  • Next-Gen Sequencing
  • Nucleic Acid Quantification & Size Selection
  • Sequencing Library Preparation